Competition Format

The 2017 Mammut Beach Brawl is a bouldering competition for the best climbers in Southeast New England, set in our Peace Dale location by the beautiful beaches of South County, RI.

Our 5 divisions based on skill level and age for the masters division make the Beach Brawl the most accessible competition in the region. With both male and female categories across all divisions, compete for $5,000 in cash & prizes!

This redpoint format competition features 50 problems of increasing difficulty, with the top 5 climbs added together for the final score.

Competitors will have 3 hours to climb and the top 3 climbers in each division and category except the Pro division win prizes ranging in value from $50 – $200.

Pro finals round: Brawl

Top 5 Pro competitors will move on to the finals round or Brawl and compete for cash with a grand prize of $500 for each category!

In the Brawl, Pro climbers will attempt to send 4 finals problem in order with the competitor queue determined by the final score in the redpoint round. Competitors will have 4 minutes to attempt each climb. Since this is NOT an onsight format, competitors will be able to watch each other’s beta so their order could play a crucial role in the competitors’ success. Problems increase in difficulty as they progress, but all finalists will have a chance to attempt all of the problems in finals. The winner is the competitor who gets the furthest on a majority of the problems utilizing a point based system that will be tracked live during the brawl.

Cash and Prize purse

Pro Cash Purse

  • 1st:       $500
  • 2nd:     $300
  • 3rd:      $200
  • 4th:      $150
  • 5th:       $100

Prizes for other divisions

  • 1st:       $200 value
  • 2nd:     $100  value
  • 3rd:      $50   value

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