Ooh look at the pretty colors…don’t forget The Showdown this Sat @ our Boston gym!

Final batch of new toys for Boston!

This time we get on board the time machine to revisit some old favorites from the recently resurrected and classic hold company Pusher…yep, Pusher.

Make sure you chalk up while looking at the pics…

Sadly we won’t be able to screw these or any of the other new holds onto the wall until our Pro/Am Bouldering Comp, “The Showdown” on Saturday, December 10th. So consider this a big tease.

Until then, start training like a madman (or woman)…because you’re gonna need all the power (and skills) you can acquire between now and then. (FYI – The comp is a Pro/Am format, which means anyone can enter…and possibly win)



Boulder Update:

Done! 69 (dude!) new problems to keep you busy until our Black-Light Boulder Bash on November 12th (7pm) and our ABS Boulder Comp the following day (Nov 13th – 9am).

Awesome new stuff. The rating(s) are specific this time around. No more range (ex: V0-V1, V2-V3, etc…) The cards now have a single grade assigned to them. We’ve also done our best to make the grades soft accurate.

Anyway…we hope you enjoy the new problems! As always we are open to any and all suggestions…don’t hesitate to contact us…and remember, the best climber is the one who is having the most fun…so stop reading this and go have fun already!



Last set for the Climb It holds…I hope you lose sleep over these pics…in a good way of course!

Its like xmas came early! The gifts just keep coming…

yep…more holds from Climb It…

Really?!? More new holds…did we win some sort of hold lottery? Rob a bank!?!…no…we sold some stuff on Ebay.

This batch is from “Climb It” out of Cali…



Fourth and final pic of the new So iLL stuff for Boston…enjoy!

Round Three! (from So iLL)

More from So iLL…