Submissions due by MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1

We’re calling all artists and filmmakers of the community to create a short film of their latest passion projects at Action! A Community Film Festival! at our Peace Dale, RI facility on Friday, November 15th!

Climbing and all other outdoor adventures are obviously welcome – but if you have any other adventure, passion, or hobby that you’ve immortalized on film, we want to see it! All experience levels are encouraged to submit a film. Spread the word to your friends and family! All community members are welcome to enter submissions, and, of course, all are welcome to attend.

This event is FREE FOR EVERYONE with $16 climbing starting at 6PM for anyone interested in giving our sport a try.

Films must be submitted digitally by Friday, November 1st to our Peace Dale, RI facility Program Manager, Zach at z.clift@rockspotclimbing.com. Please direct questions and inquiries for alternate means of submission to Zach as well.

Films will be compiled, reviewed, and the top films selected by staff that fit into a 2 hour premiere will be presented at our Film Festival, also at our Peace Dale, RI facility on Friday, November 15th.

Our staff reserve the right to not screen any submitted film for language, content appropriateness, length, or if we get too many submissions.

The top productions in the following five (5) categories, as judged by the audience (besides the staff pick), will receive prizes from our local and corporate sponsors!

Best Film | Best Soundtrack | Funniest Film | Most Action Packed | Staff Pick

Each submission can ONLY WIN IN ONE OF THE CATEGORIES so be sure to review all our rules & technical requirements below.

Start filming and editing and we’ll see you at the premiere!

Friday, November 1

Submissions due by MIDNIGHT

Friday, November 15

Premiere starts at 7:30PM

Rules and Technical Requirements

Film Requirements

  • All submissions MUST be edited (please no raw footage)
  • All films MUST be no longer than 10 minutes in length
  • All footage used MUST be the property of the person, organization or group that will be submitting the final video
  • All footage MUST be captured or obtained by legal means
  • We will not ask for specific release forms for talent, music or locations, however we do ask that all participants follow best practices and take full responsibility for the final product
  • All films MUST be family friendly and cannot depict strong language, violence and/or adult situations
  • All films will be screened by Rock Spot Climbing management in advance of the premiere and they reserve the right to exclude films based on content, length, and to ensure the event is no longer than 2 hours long
  • Single submissions ONLY
  • Rock Spot Climbing staff may participate in the competition
  • Digital submission using an online file transfer service is preferred, however alternative forms are also available upon request
  • Participants MUST be present at the festival for their submission to be considered

Technical Requirements

  • Resolution: 1080×720
  • Codec: HDV
  • Container: MP4
  • Bit rate: 8Mbits/s or more
  • Audio output: -6dB to reduce clipping
  • All films must be no longer than 10 minutes in length
  • Films must have title card (min. 5 seconds): title card should have name of the video and the names of contributors entering the competition  
  • Films must have 10 seconds of buffer time at the end

Technical Requirements