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Discover the gear you need to send and support a local businesses

Our climbing pro shops across all of our Southeast New England climbing gyms carry all the gear you need from the top brands in the industry. Our staff have carefully curated our stock so that we only carry the gear we recommend and use so all you need to do is decide which equipment you need to achieve your goals.

ALL PrAna MOJO shorts are 20% off in-gym (25% off for members) for the month on March!

This sale CANNOT be combined with other offers, discounts, or promotions.

We’re having a retail sale across ALL LOCATIONS from Friday, September 1 until Monday, September 4 to make sure everyone starts their season with the gear they need to send!

Everyone gets 15% OFF ALL RETAIL OVER $5 with members getting 20%.

This sale CANNOT be combined with other offers, discounts, or promotions, but it can be applied to special orders.

Special orders are available for any product produced by the brands we carry so if you’re looking for anything from Black Diamond skis or Petzl ice axes, we can place an order for you. If you’re a member, you’ll be able to use your discount on these orders as well!

Please review our stock from the images in the galleries on our local pages or by using Locally. For more info or questions, use the link below to contact our Director of Retail!

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Use this online service to review accurate inventory listings and info for our Black Diamond and Prana products

Locally is an online service that allows you to take a closer look at an accurate listing of our inventory so that you can make more informed purchasing decisions for our Black Diamond and Prana products. Feel free to purchase the products through the service, but if you’re a member or if there is a retail sale, we recommend contacting us to make purchases so that you get the best price!

Review inventory across our other locations and set up retail appointments or place orders for curbside pickup

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