Get out and climb.

Let us show you how

Climbing outside can be a fun, new experience for climbers so take a look at our incredible and accessible programs to take your skills outdoors with our amazing staff guiding you through the entire process.

Along with technical skills, you’ll also learn climbing ethics as well as regional knowledge and additional resources to help you continue your journey when your class is complete.

We also offer fun, seasonal trips to popular destinations so be sure to check them out.

With the pandemic, our trips will be limited to less popular crags to help reduce the distance our climbers are traveling along with the density at these popular areas which can cause many access issues along with increasing the opportunity for the pandemic to spread.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Creating sustainable access to the crags our community loves is important to all climbers to ensure our sport, and the beautiful places our sport takes us, will be around for future generations to enjoy, appreciate, and climb on.

Learn more about local climbing crags we visit along with important tips to consider on our blog