So this is what our Top-Rope breakdown looks like after our USAC comp (Boston). We ended up with 52 new top-ropes ranging from 5.5 to 5.13. Overall the response to the new stuff has been great. Special thanks to the setters (Keith & Kumpy) and the strippers (Ian and Jason – ha ha)…and an extra special thanks goes out to my girl ATM, for helping me run the routes!

Thanks guys!

Now get down here and climb!!!



USAC Youth Climbing Competition! 10:30am – 1:30pm (Boston, MA)

Come see New England’s top Youth Climbers battle it out in a no holds barred, free for all, Top-Rope Competition.

If you’ve never been to a climbing competition, you’ve never lived.

Check out the video above to find out what its all about!

…and be sure to check out all 52 of our new Top-Rope routes after the comp!!!


50 New Problems!!!

I’m a bit late on the update…the problems went up last Wednesday & Thursday, but its better late then never.

Consensus so far is that the problems are great! There are however a few lemons…and by lemons I mean really stiff* climbs and a few softies, but overall really fun stuff.

Get over here and check e’m out!


*Third picture shown above…shows ingenuity, but is not allowed if the problem you are trying is too hard. You need to do more pull-ups…

Tired of the same old Boulder Problems?

Well you’re in luck. Our Boston Gym will be resetting the Boulder next week.

Tuesday (March 15th) @ 9am the routes will be stripped.

Setting will start Tuesday afternoon, but most of the work will be done on Wednesday and Thursday (March 16th & 17th) from 10am to ???pm.

Get psyched!


Current number of Top-Ropes @ our Boston location.

words…simply…can’t…begin………to describe…

The utter pleasure it is to climb the new Boulder Set at our Lincoln, RI location. Awesome, truly awesome. Check ‘em, out!

As always I’d like to thanks the setters who made it out for this session. Dave Jusseaume, Keith Nadeau, Kump, Paul Rightmeyer, Chris Simpson, Danny Howard, and Lary Norin (?!?). Yes folks, Lary came out of retirement for this one. He only got one problem up, but its a doozy!

So…we listened to our feedback box and changed the following:

1) We set 60 problems this time around (see graph for grade distribution). In this case, less is more. Last set there were 70 problems which led to much confusion and much too much tape and route label removal by the “Bad Footwork Patrol”*

Less Problems + Less Tape & Labels = (hopefully) Less Confusion + Happy Climbers

2) We listed the Boulder Problems 1 thru 60 with an appropriate grade. Simple. Effective. Obvious.

Thats it!?! Keep the feedback coming. Just remember the following… Comments about routes being reachy and sandbagged will be ignored. You’ve been warned**


*Helpful hints for the “Bad Footwork Patrol”…

Watch your foot as you place it on the hold. Put it on the hold only…do not place it 5-6 inches above the hold then scrape it down the wall before it finally comes to rest on the desired hold. Don’t drag your toes up the wall either.

By following the tips above you will prevent premature tape and label removal as well as make yourself a better climber…win win situation.

**Please don’t take the ramblings of the head setter as either being serious or funny.