Boulder Updates…

The current batch in Boston are FANTASTIC as are the one’s in Lincoln. For current Boulder Problems by grade see the pics above (Blue = Lincoln, Orange = Boston).

Boulder Reset Schedule for Boston:

Strip / Reset August 8 (9a – 7p), Set August 9 – 12

Strip / Reset October 18 (9a – 7p), Set October 19 – 21

Strip / Reset December 4 – 5 (9a – 7p), Set December 5 – 9

Boulder Reset Schedule for Lincoln:

Strip / Reset July 5 (9a – 7p), Set July 6 – 8

Strip / Reset August 23 (9a – 7p), Set August 24 – 26

Strip / Reset October 3 (9a – 7p), Set October 4 – 6

Strip / Reset November 8 (9a – 7p), Set November 9 – 11

Misc ramblings…

Memorize the dates above because there will be no more advance(d?) notice of Boulder Resets…………….ever…………… really.

…ok fine, we’ll also let you know a week before they happen…but we’re not grading the problems anymore…nope…done with it.

We’re switching to a system of Good, Bad and Ugly (and we all know who sets those!) Ha! I’m kidding, we have to rate them. Otherwise you won’t have anything to complain talk about.

Happy climbing!


We thought we would surprise you this time by not announcing the resetting of boulder problems…at either gym! (turns out most people don’t read or plain just don’t notice our little signs telling of the impending doom that is to come to all of their favorite problems)

That being said we are almost done setting the problems for Boston (MA), and we already finished setting for the Lincoln (RI) gym Last week.

We’re trying something different this time for Boston as far as the ratings are concerned…curious? Then go see for yourself what the fuss is about…

Now ratings aside, the problems are great! We hope you like them, but if you ever want to voice your opinion…(good or bad) please do so without hesitation. Simply fill out a comment card and place it in the comment box…done.

Happy climbing!