Team Rock Spot Heads to Nationals!

From March 2nd-4th four members of our competitive climbing team will be in Colorado Springs, CO competing at USA Climbing’s Bouldering Nationals. Since September, the Rock Spot Team has been competing at bouldering competitions around New England, and after an extremely dominate performance in New Jersey at Divisionals, four team members will have the opportunity to compete at a National level. Kids and young adults from around the country will be joining them in Colorado to compete. Levi Tracy, Grace Scott, Veta Mayer and Oliver McMahon will all be competing at Nationals.

Our climbing team is a part of the Rock Spot community and we are asking for the communities help in raising the necessary funds to help send the Team to Nationals. Any contribution would be much appreciated. We are trying to raise $1000 to help fund the Team for the trip and fees for Nationals. Please contact travis@rockspotclimbing.com with any questions.

The Rock Spot Team thanks you for the support.