Pusher Climbing Holds


Take a trip back to the good ole days of bouldering with these reissued classics. When the chance to obtain some new (old) pusher holds arose we pounced on it! Climbing on these fresh old holds made me feel like a young lad again, and it was pretty cool to see the younger setters and climbers being just a psyched as I was the first time I climbed on these shapes.

The new formula feels a lot like the old one. Very soft almost smooth texture that gives you the impression the holds might be slippery…but throw a little chalk on them and BAM! Super-glue…well not really but you get the point.

A huge improvement is the weight of the holds. I remember back in the day when you had to be able to climb V8 off the couch or campus Ghetto Simulator just to pick up one of the original Boss holds (http://www.pushergear.com/The-Boss_p_82.html). That was just to pick it up! You then had to go next-door to that sketchy gym and get one of those Hans and Franz types to hold the Boss in place while you attached it to the wall…Well not anymore. You can easily manhandle the new Boss with one hand…I can anyways and I’m weak, so you should be able to as well.

The only issue we had with the holds was that the formula seemed a bit too brittle. The holds chipped at the edges rather easily and a few of the smaller holds broke outright after only a few runs on them.

Overall I’d say the holds are exactly what you expect from Pusher. Awesome shapes and great texture with the new added bonus of lighter material for the giant holds. Just wish they were a little more durable.