Shout out to Marc and the Sisson Family for bringing the Setters “the Coffee”. Much appreciated. We finished the setting today…70 quality boulder problems to have fun on…and I mean it! Have fun on them! And make sure you pad your landings well and spot your fellow climbers!


Our fuel for the day of setting. Notice the cautionary sign…Don’t steal the Coffee from the Setters.

Great day of setting BTW. Danny (DH), Dave (DJ), Motta (…), Chris (CJS), Sean (STR) and myself (Mig) set a combined 48 problems. It was a good day.

We’ll be at it again from the “am” until 6pm ish Tuesday. However, most of the front bouldering will be open all day. We will be concentrating on the lead cave area.

We hope you enjoy the new problems. And feel free to bring the Setters coffee. They (we) like that!


New autobelay for Lincoln, RI. That brings the number up to 9! Three awesome new routes on that wall as well. Enjoy.

New hang boards!!!

Well it only took me a year, but here they are…enjoy!

Teknik Holds…Bam!

So Ill!!!

More holds for Peacedale! These come from e-Grips!

Just a sample of the holds ordered for the new gym in Peacedale, RI!!!

There are over 4800 holds coming from Teknik, So Ill, e-Grips, Climb It and Metolius!

The holds shown are from Climb It!

Stay tuned – mig