Just a few shots of our super high-tech new vinyl floor at our Boston Gym!

Its been two weeks since it was installed (thanks for being so patient during the construction phase!) and so far we’ve received tons of (+) feedback.

Remember the two giant vinyl mats? The ones with the beveled edges? The new floor has a similar feel. Imagine the whole bouldering area as one big pad. No more individual mats to roll your ankles on. The overall feel is not too hard and not too soft. Goldie-locks would call it just right…

The top-rope area has also been upgraded (as well) with a vinyl cover to help protect the foam and carpet bonded foam underneath. The feel is more uniform and more stable. Best of all you won’t be tripping over the floor lumps anymore…you’re welcome…and thank you.

Now just because the floor is new and awesome, don’t get too fearless when climbing unroped (bouldering). We still highly recommend that you have a spotter (and spot others). Just remember to climb safely and follow the new rules posted throughout the gym.