100 New Boulder Problems!!!

After a very successful, accident free (thanks to our new flooring system) ABS Comp on Saturday and an awesome Black Light Party Saturday night, the setters and I came in on Monday to start filling in the blank spots and to see if we could hit out target goal of 100 new boulder problems…

Well its done…rather we are done. 100 new problems to enjoy for the next 7 weeks or so. The feedback on the problems has been excellent. Tons of people at the comp commented on how great they were. One competitor liked a problem so much he basically sessioned it the whole time!

Shout out to all the setters…you guys are awesome! Thanks!

Anyway…here is the breakdown by grade:

VB = 7

V0 = 10

V1 = 10

V2 = 10

V3 = 10

V4 = 10

V5 = 10

V6 = 10

V7 = 10

V8 = 7

V9 = 3

V10 = 3

Enjoy!!! And be sure to spot your fellow climber!