7 New routes for the Peace Dale Gym!!! Hooray!

…and local boy Marcus Troobius (Marc Troob) set two stellar climbs yesterday as well…enjoy!


Lincoln, RI Gym

  • Sept 9th = Strip Boulder @ 8p
  • Sept 10th – 12th = Set Boulder Problems (10a – 6p)

Peace Dale, RI Gym

  • Sept 16th = Strip Boulder @ 8p
  • Sept 17th – 19th = Set Boulder Problems (10a – 6p)

Boston, MA Gym – ***Dates changed*** New dates below

  • Oct 1st = Strip Boulder @ 8p
  • Oct 2nd – 4th = Set 50 Boulder Problems for ABS Comp (9a – 6p)
  • Oct 5th = ABS Competition – Registration (9a – 10:30a), Competition (10:30a – 1:30p)
  • Oct 7th – 8th = Set remaining Boulder Problems (9am – 6pm)

Peace Dale (Gym) Boulder Reset is Complete!

Here are a couple teaser photos from the Peace Dale, RI gym to drool over…70 awesome new boulder problems ranging from VB – V10! Enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out the other 70 new (equally awesome) boulder problems at our Lincoln, RI location (set the week before last).

…and finally…remember to check out the new boulder problems that will be set at our Boston location starting tomorrow (8/6) and finishing up on Thursday (8/8). Stripping starts tonight around 8pm with setting from 9am – 5pm (Tues – Thur).

Happy Climbing!