Epic new Boulder Problems in Peace Dale!!!

First and foremost I would like to thank the setters for setting some of the coolest problems I’ve ever had the pleasure to climb…thanks guys!

Next I would like to introduce our new grading system…this will be somewhat of a refresher as I basically introduced it last week for our Lincoln reset, but there is a slight change. After getting tons of positive feedback on the new system, it seemed the masses wanted the “V” grade to be included as well as who set it. So as you can see in the second photo, the overall range (B, I, A, #) is the prominent central character, with the “V” grade and the setters initials now being included. You can also refer to photos 3 and 4 for locating where certain problems are.

You’ll notice that in the section labeled “Wall” there are some unfamiliar names. We’re going to refer to the walls by a certain name to help describe where the climbs are located (until we label them with a stenciled letter just as our Top-Ropes are labeled with a number). The walls are as follows…

Upstairs = Upstairs Boulder

Lead Cave = Boulder Problems located in the Lead only area

Hueco = The super-steep boulder wall to the left of the Arch

Arch = Climbs located in the Arch (stairway / emergency exit door)

Bishop = The steep boulder wall to the right of the Arch

Now stop reading this and go climb! Be sure to tell the staff how much you enjoy the routes!!!