Whats wrong with this picture…?

“Ermahgerd! There’s no tape!” (said one climber)…“Awesome!” (said another)…“Looks a lot cleaner. Probably makes it easier to follow the path you’re on.” (said the UPS delivery man as he dropped off some sweet climbing gear for the Pro-Shop in Peace Dale)

That’s right everybody! No more tape for marking the Boulder Problems at our Peace Dale, RI gym. We will slowly be transitioning away from using tape for the Top-Rope / Lead climbs as well…and we will be getting rid of the tape at our other gyms…with some gyms transitioning faster than others (hint…Boston!)

In the meantime, come check out all 81 of the super-fantastic-new Boulder Problems at our Peace Dale, RI Gym! Here’s a list of all the new stuff…

Grade / Quantity

VB = 6

V0 = 8

V1 = 8

V2 = 11

V3 = 8

V4 = 8

V5 = 8

V6 = 8

V7 = 7

V8 = 4

V9 = 3

V10 = 2

Stay tuned for Problem of the Set…Episode IV!

Be safe! Have fun!…and remember, that foot out left is off route!