We had an incredible time at the Boston Boulder Brawl this month where pro competitors Solomon Barth and Helen Gillett each won $1,500 in cash along with the titles of Boston Boulder Brawl champions! Big congratulations to all of our champions and competitors for all their efforts. There was some incredible climbing from the best climbers in the region and it was awesome to have pro climber, Ashima Shiraishi meet the community. We can’t wait for next year’s competition which will mark the 5 year anniversary of the Boston Boulder Brawl.

At the Boston Boulder Brawl, we announced the location of our 5th gym will be in Providence, RI with plans to open before the end of the year! We’re so excited to bring a bouldering & training focused facility to the city of Providence and we’ll be keeping everyone up to date with developments on our Facebook page so be sure to like, follow and share.

While there’s a lot of excitement for Providence, we’re also looking forward to celebrating our 10th year at our Boston-Dedham location! To commemorate the event, we’ll be repainting all of their climbing walls to give the gym a fresh new look.

With Spring finally arriving, we wanted to give the community a chance to try out a few different belay device options at our Belay Device Demo & Sale series happening across all our locations.

If you haven’t tried climbing outside or want to learn how to set up top ropes, rappel or sport climb, our guiding program will be right up your alley.

Finally, Summer is just around the corner so be sure to register your aspiring climber for our incredible summer camps! If you want to get an idea what our camps are like, we recommend checking out our vacation camp on memorial day.