We’re offering a two (2) month membership special during the month of July 2020!

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This gives you unlimited access to all locations with great member benefits including a FREE belay class, two (2) discounted passes for friends and family per month, 15% off climbing gear, retail and special orders from our retail shops and much more. Add climbing gear rental including shoes, harnesses, and belay equipment for $15 a month.

This offer will only be available until we close at midnight on Friday, July 31 so don’t wait to take advantage of this promotion today!

Climbing offers a fun alternative to traditional workouts and our world class climbing facilities located across Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts offer a range of accessible climbing for all ages and ability levels. Progress through a variety of unique body movement puzzles designed by our professional route setters to provide an experience that will train your body and engage your mind while you stay fit and have a great time.

*This special is ONLY valid during the month of July 2020 and while it CANNOT be combined with other offers, it CAN be used to extend an expiring pre-paid membership to provide the best value and support your local Rock Spot Climbing location. Please direct questions to Questions@RockSpotClimbing.com.

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Members always get two (2) discounted passes per calendar month, but this month, they have UNLIMITED DISCOUNTED PASSES so their friends and family can climb for a flat $10 rate! This includes gear rental, but as always, the member MUST be present to climb with their guests.