Jay Adams: Guiding Coordinator

Climbers of Rock Spot blog post by Pete Sancianco

It is with great pride that we acknowledge Rock Spot Climbing Guiding Coordinator, Jay Adams for achieving his certification as an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructor (SPI).

Jay was first introduced to the sport when, as a child hiking around the White Mountains with his family, he saw climbers on Square Ledge in Pinkham Notch. He began climbing at our Lincoln, RI facility, which was then still known as the Rhode Island Rock Gym, around 2006. By 2007, he was climbing on our youth climbing team and a year after that, he was working sporadically for the company. Jay became a more consistent addition to the team by 2015 and earlier this year, he began his journey as our new Guiding Coordinator.

Climbing’s balance of physical, mental, and technical aspects drives Jay’s love for the sport. He also appreciates the broad range of climbing styles and how anyone can choose to focus on a specific discipline, work to become proficient in all disciplines, or anything in between. What really keeps Jay coming back for more is the climbing environment, tactility, movement, and achieving that flow state. The problem solving aspect of climbing really keeps him engaged and up all night, dreaming of potential solutions for the next session.

With his new certification along with his position as our Guiding Coordinator, Jay is excited to introduce people to his favorite local climbing areas while also teaching them some of the skills that he has learned to rely on. For him, the greatest achievement is giving someone else the tools they need to better manage their risk when they embark on their own climbing journey,

When Jay is not nerding out about climbing, he’s probably nerding out about woodworking and guitar making.

It was our pleasure to help support Jay’s journey to achieve his AMGA SPI and we’re excited to see him lead more community members on their climbing journeys as they transition to climbing on real rock.