IMPACT Climbing has completed construction of all our climbing walls and we’re shifting focus to the general contract work and amenities that will make our newest facility the best experience for our community.

From quality of life improvements for our staff like our state-of-the-art hold washing machine, to basic necessities like walls, bathrooms, showers, water filling stations, and tools like a fitness rig, cardio equipment, training boards, and more, there’s a lot more to do before we open our doors to the public.

We’re hiring staff!

Apply using the links below

Now that our walls are built and we’re transitioning into the next stage of construction, it’s time to start searching for a Gym Manager, Assistant Manager, and Shift Supervisors so we can start the process of training a killer team to prepare for opening the gym to the public! If you or someone you know is interested, please apply as soon as possible using the links below.

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We’re so excited that wall construction for our Malden, MA location has completed and we are now moving into general contract work and amenities! Be sure to follow our journey by subscribing to our social media feeds.