We’re so excited to see all our external signs, along with the external portion of our art installation completed by Ardon Visual Communications. We think they are really attention grabbing and add some visual flair to the exterior of our Malden facility.

The mural was designed by our Director of Marketing, Pete Sancianco. While a representation of our brand, the mural is also a symbol of Malden being a, “Bridge to Adventure,” which is what the exterior portion of the installation is titled. The Boston skyline is seen from a distance, just as it is when viewed from the many vantages found in the city of Malden, including the top of J Malden Center, which inspired Pete back when he was originally designing the mural. The city gives way to suburban forests and waterways, like the ones found in Lynn Woods, a local climbing area not far from Malden.

While much further away, the mountains and wilderness of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine present a true escape from the city, and are filled with the climbing and adventure that continues to inspire much of our community. All this is framed by twilit skies and a vast star field that represent the dreams, hopes, and aspirations that both highlight the individuality of each person and connect us as a community in a web of many things we share and are passionate about. The hashtag, “#climbtogether,” is one we have tried to cultivate within our community as our sport creates an opportunity for all ages and abilities to be active and healthy in the supportive and positive environments our climbing gyms produce.

Eventually, the interior portion of the installation will round out the entire mural which will hopefully draw the Malden community to also enter our facility. The interior portion of the installation is titled, “The Mountain We Climb Together,” and is an original take on the mountain that is framed in our logo. The skyline is shared with the external portion of the mural and the mountain represents all the boundaries and hardships in each of our own stories that can be sent (climbing lingo for ascend) with the hard work, dedication, and support from our community.

The external portion of the installation is designed to be lit up at night, but an added bonus is that due to the materials used, the mural creates a stained glass look in the space between the mural and climbing wall. It is fortuitous that the mural both covers that space from view of the street while also making the space more colorful.

We hope the installation as a whole inspires the millions of people that pass by our new facility each year and that the artwork endures for years to come.

For fun, when you see the finished mural, see if you can find all the climbing silhouettes.

About the artist

Having migrated to the United States with his family when he was a child, Pete identifies as an American, but is proud of his Filipino heritage and culture. Pete learned how to climb with us back when we were still the Rhode Island Rock Gym. He picked up a summer membership and never looked back. Out of college, he worked for over 4 years as the RI Regional Marketing Assistant and as the company’s Media Producer before he became the Director of Marketing in 2017.

He loves all the communities across all our locations and is passionate about growing the greater climbing community by helping us make climbing more accessible to more people and introduce the sport to the general public. If you want to contact him directly, please reach out to him at P.Sancianco@RockSpotClimbing.com

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