Brookline construction has begun!

Floors, walls, and infrastructure is getting prepped for general contract work to begin

Along with a bunch of administrative updates we’ve been working with the city on, we’ve made a lot of progress prepping a solid foundation for general contract work to really begin on our brand new Brookline, MA project!

What was once overflow parking for our neighbors, World Auto Body, who are set up just below us, will soon be our newest climbing gym on Commonwealth Avenue in the heart of Boston University’s campus, just off the Armory Street stop on the Green Line.

We’re so excited to see that the floors have been smoothed out with an epoxy finish, with high efficiency windows and a brand new entrance. A new HVAC system has been installed and barring a few additional updates to the infrastructure, general contract work will begin very shortly!

A lot of people have been asking what our projected opening date will be, but we have no control over a lot of the process so we’d rather just keep everyone updated here and on our social media feeds. We will be working as hard as we can to try and open before the end of the year, but in reality, the project will probably go into 2024.

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