Brookline general contract work is moving fast

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General contract work is moving quickly with the framework for our non-climbing walls almost complete and all our electrical updates underway.

Once general contract work reaches a point where climbing wall installation won’t interfere, those will be sent over from Impact Climbing where they’ve been neatly stored away until we are ready for them.

Our three (3) ClimbLab Air Handlers are ready to be shipped along with our hold washing station. The Air Handlers provide a more modern chalk management solution to ensure the air quality in the gym remains pristine during your session and the hold washing station has been helpful in making the lives of the local team in Malden more enjoyable so we’re making sure Brookline has the same system!

As general contract work continues, we’ll be making more frequent updates and a lot of people have been asking when we are planning on opening. Unfortunately, the process of building a gym can have a lot of setbacks and while we’re optimistic about opening in early 2024, the best way to get updates is to sign up to receive updates straight to your inbox so you won’t miss out and you’ll even get access to exclusive offers as we approach our grand opening.

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