Holiday Climbing Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for the climber in your life

Shopping can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Here’s our recommendations for the best options to put a smile on the face of the climber in your life.

You can either find these options at your local pro shop at one of our gyms, or use the link to buy a gift card!

Climbing Gear


Let’s start with the first things climbers need, their own gear!

If they’re new to the sport, they’ll want to move away from renting gear and depending on how far along they are on their climbing journey, they may need help to pick up more advanced gear. Check out these options to get an idea of what the climber in your life may need.

Climbing Shoes

Start here

This is the absolute first thing a climber needs so if they’re still renting shoes, get them out of those and into a pair that fits their foot perfectly.

Finding the right shoe takes time and we don’t recommend just picking something that fits their standard shoe size online.

Get them a gift card and have them work with our staff to find the perfect shoe for their unique foot shape.

A baseline shoe for a new climber will run around $100, and if they’ve been climbing for some time and are looking for an intermediate to an advanced shoe, we recommend putting $200 on a gift card so they can grab bonus items like chalk or a new chalk bag with whatever’s left.

The Complete Package

If they’re into more than just bouldering

Now, if they’re doing any rope climbing, they’ll need a harness to go with their shoes to get them away from renting gear.

A basic shoe and harness combo will run them about $150, but if they’re climbing with a partner, they’ll need belay gear as well so depending on the shoe they’re looking at, we recommend putting $250 on a gift card to give them more options.

Breaking out

For the climber heading outside

Things get tricky if your climber is thinking of making the transition outdoors.

If they’ve been climbing for some time, they probably already have basic climbing gear they like so a $150 gift card will get them set up with either a guiding class or their first rope and a rope bag.

If they’ve been really nice this year, $300 will give them more options when picking up that rope, they can grab a crash pad if they’re bouldering, or they can even go on one of our awesome climbing trips!

Outdoor Guiding

Get out of the gym!

It is never too early to start thinking of nicer weather.

Our guiding programs are fun and instructive so check out these recommendations and check the links to get pricing so you know how much to put on a gift card!

Nice weather is a relative term for climbers. For some, the colder, the better.

Ice climbing provides a unique opportunity to experience an epic adventure scaling giant pillars of ice in the mountains for New Hampshire. We make the sport accessible by working with our partners to create an event that makes it simple for anyone to give the sport a try or to make it an annual tripfor friends and family to share together. No experience necessary.

Prices are dependent on dates & booking. If they’re a member looking to climb during the week, $100 will cover their adventure. If they’re not a member and looking to climb on the weekend, put down $150 on that gift card just to be safe.

Climbing outside can be a fun, new experience for climbers and there’s no better way to do so than with one of our private guides. Private guiding starts at $69 per climber with a minimum $276 booking and we’re even offering private ice climbing this year so be sure to reach out to our Director of Guiding to learn more and get rates.

Finally, don’t forget about our amazing climbing trips in the spring.

These trips offer unforgettable experiences to must-go destinations in the North East like Acadia National Park in Maine where you’ll be climbing on a cliffside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Maine or to go to one of the most frequented climbing destinations in New Hampshire, Rumney.

We recommend starting with a $200 gift card for these trips, but you may want to consider more so learn more using the link below.