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We had an absolute blast at our very first Boston Boulder Brawl (B3). The turn out was fantastic and the energy was high all day long. Our route setters went all out to bring our climbers the best set for the competition. It was phenomenal to see the best boulder climbers in Boston show up and go head to head. We can’t wait for the next one!

We’ve been hard at work editing all the footage to show you our competitors taking down these amazing problems set by Head Route Setter, Mike Dominguez “MIG” and his incredible setting team.

Check out all our pros crushing with a great mix of veteran competitors and the next generation. The ladies make it to Brawl problem number 4 and the men go into super over-time as no one can send problem 5 and the competitors advance to problem 6 to break the tie.

We’re so proud of all of our competitors and hope to see everyone return for the next B3 with some new competitors to raise the stakes!

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Welcome to season 2 of Problem of the SET! We’re really excited to be in our second season and we truly appreciate everyone’s support. Keep those likes and subscriptions coming and we promise to make this season even bigger and better than season 1!

At Rock Spot Climbing, we’re dedicated to giving our customers a world class climbing experience and that starts with great route setting.

In this episode of Problem of the SET, Head Route Setter Mike Dominguez, “MIG,” takes us through a V8 set by Danny Howard “DH.” This problem is technical throughout with a lot of powerful moves that require the use of multiple techniques like heel hooks, toe hooks and gastons. There’s always multiple ways to crush a problem, but if this one gives you a hard time, try this beta on for size.

Thank you all for coming to Lincoln’s very first Community Competition. It was a really fun time and we hope to see you all back for the next one. Congratulations to all our competitors but especially to our new Sultans of the Set: Mike Fannon and Grace Scott!

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