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Supporting our local communities

Since 1998, Rock Spot Climbing has made donations to local organizations, hosted fundraising events, made partnerships to raise awareness for good causes, and supported programs that make our sport more accessible to all ages, all abilities. Submit a request for a donation to your next event or learn more about our current partnerships and programs.



Since 1998, Rock Spot Climbing has provided unforgettable experiences for climbers of all ages and ability levels. Whether you are new to the sport, or a seasoned climber, our gyms are warm and inviting. Walk-ins are welcome, and we have options for day use, memberships, and punch passes so you can choose the experience that suits you best. Our amazing local teams will have you climbing in minutes and when you’re ready, we make it simple to join our incredible communities with programs to support you for your entire climbing journey. We understand there can be many barriers of entry to our sport so please reach out to us if there are any physical, financial, psychological, or ethical barriers keeping you from climbing with us by emailing

Current corporate partnership programs

Kismet Rock Foundation

Rock Spot Climbing is proud to be partnered with Kismet Rock Foundation in an effort to raise awareness about the organization and to provide an accessible and transparent path for our communities across all of our facilities in New England to support the amazing work they do. 

Kismet offers outdoor climbing opportunities to youth throughout New England. Their 3 Pillar program works by identifying children in need, educating them in technical climbing, and creating a family-like atmosphere.

All Rock Spot Climbing patrons will have an opportunity to make a one-time donation to Kismet whenever they make a purchase. Electronic billing members will even be able to make a recurring payment along with their monthly membership dues for as long as they wish.

All donations will be processed at the end of the calendar year with the total donation being announced to the community.
Please note that any donation made through this program will not be tax deductible. To learn more about Kismet and to make a direct donation to the organization that is tax deductible, visit their website at:

Youth Programs

Youth Climbing Programs

All abilities! Classes offered September-June

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Our youth programs provide a structured path of progression for families who are looking to provide access to our sport for their young climbers. Whether a family is introducing the climbing space to their toddlers, progressing through homeschool or after school programs, committing to climbing competition through USA Climbing, or filling vacations with both indoor and outdoor programming, we have amazing programs to give the best start to anyone’s climbing journey.


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