Help Team Rock Spot Climb Their Way to Horse Pens 40

Team Rock Spot will travel to Horse Pens 40, a bouldering destination in Alabama over April vacation. Horse Pens is 1,120 miles from our central (Lincoln, RI)  gym location. In order to help raise the funds to go on this trip the participants will try to climb their way to Horse Pens! This winter each climber will attempt to climb 1,120 feet and will ask for your help in this endeavor! 1120 feet of climbing adds up to approximately 75 boulder problems, and team members will have three hours to complete their effort. While climbers will have the opportunity to set their goal lower, they will not exceed 75 problems and will earn money per route climbed in that 3 hour period.

How can you help? Sponsor a climber! You can sponsor as little or as much per climb as you would like. Another option is to make a one time donation of any amount. Don’t have a specific climber in mind? No worries! You can sponsor the team with an amount per climb (set at 75 climbs) or with a one time donation.

Click the button below to donate a single amount now.

Ex: $40 for completing your climbs!

Click the button below to pledge a per climb donation which will be collected after the climbathon.

Ex: $0.50 / climb (up to 75 climbs)