Walls Are Meant For Climbing.

Global Climbing Day marks the culmination of The North Face’s Walls Are Meant For Climbing campaign, a global movement to bring people together through the power and community of climbing.

We see walls as a place to unite our community through the sport of climbing – a sport that requires trust and partnership. The purpose is to inspire us all to think more hopefully about the community we can build – as climbers, as outdoor enthusiasts, as believers in the good of humanity.

Learn more about this global effort by visiting TheNorthFace.com

Discounted Climbing with Online Registration

Celebrate Global Climbing Day with us on SATURDAY, AUGUST 19 and/or SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 2023

Register at least a day before you want to climb on either Saturday, August 19, or Sunday, August 20, 2023 to enjoy Discounted climbing* with friends or family during The North Face’s Walls Are Meant For Climbing Global Climbing Day Weekend!

We’re offering discounted climbing for everyone who registers a day in advance to show our commitment to making climbing accessible to everyone. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED BY MIDNIGHT the day before the day you want to climb, so book with a friend or family member today using the calendar below and select the time block we should expect you.

Climbing offers a fun alternative to traditional workouts and our world class climbing facilities located across Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts offer a range of accessible climbing for all ages and ability levels. Progress through a variety of unique body movement puzzles designed by our professional route setters to provide an experience that will train your body and engage your mind while you stay fit and have a great time.

This offer CANNOT be purchased in-gym and registration is required so book an appointment with us today!

and this offer CANNOT be combined with other specials, discounts or promotions. Climbing must be done on the date of registration, but if you can’t make your booked arrival time, you may arrive later the same day. If a desired time slot is fully booked, please contact the gym to check actual gym volume. Please direct questions to Questions@RockSpotClimbing.com.

*Discounted climbing rate is based on half the cost of a full-priced day pass with gear rental at the select location

Select your gym below or use the map to register in advance!