We are proud of our inclusive climbing community and want to give our climbers more opportunities to connect with each other.

If you see someone wearing one of our community wristbands, they are down to climb with new people so feel free to introduce yourself and please respect your fellow climbers.

Here is a full list of program rules:

  • This program is for climbers over the age of 18 ONLY
  • Any climber who is seen wearing a wristband who is NOT over the age of 18 will kindly be asked by staff to immediately remove and return the wristband
  • Anyone wearing a wristband MUST agree to the core concept, which is that they are welcoming and friendly to anyone who approaches them looking to climb
  • If someone does not want to be approached by a random stranger, they MUST remove their wristband
  • Wristbands are ONLY to be used as a means to allow climbers who are participating in the program to connect with other climbers
  • Having a wristband does NOT mean that a climber is able or qualified to give climbing instruction of any kind
  • Wristbands are a privilege and we retain all rights to ban a climber from the program and take back the wristband given to them if they do not respect their fellow climbers, the facility or the program

As climbers, we can all do our part to be ambassadors of the sport so set an good example and please follow proper indoor and outdoor ethics.

For any questions or concerns, please send an email to: