Taking over operations for Prime Climb Indoor Climbing Facility in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Wallingford, CT – Rock Spot Climbing TODAY announced that they will be taking over management and operations of PRIME CLIMB in WALLINGFORD, CT. at 5PM EST. Prime Climb is the third climbing facility ever built in the United States with over 14,000 sq. ft. of climbing. With deep roots in the local climbing community in Connecticut, Rock Spot Climbing is excited to be a part of this rich history by making the gym their SIXTH LOCATION and their FIRST facility in the state of CONNECTICUT. Prime Climb joins the three RHODE ISLAND gyms and two other facilities in MASSACHUSETTS. Rock Spot Climbing, a Rhode Island based company almost 25 years in existence, is among the largest climbing chain’s in the country.

PRIME CLIMB was originally built in 1993 by local climbers looking to create a facility to train between climbing seasons. It features 40 foot climbing walls, multiple BOULDERING areas, a ropes course, and other training amenities. Rock Spot Climbing will be CLOSING both PRIME CLIMB and its annex facility MOUNTAIN FUN for a period of time to invest time and resources into making facility updates and to train staff in modern techniques to improve the climbing experience for the community. One major upgrade will be the addition of MODERN AUTOBELAY SYSTEMS which allow for INCREASED ACCESSIBILITY for families and other potential climbers by reducing the time and training involved to get on full-sized climbing walls from hours to minutes.

NADAV MINKIN, CO-OWNER of Rock Spot Climbing said, “We are so excited to become a part of the incredible Connecticut community. It is an honor to take on the great work of continuing the legacy of our sport in the region while introducing newcomers and growing its influence.”  He added, “The sport has skyrocketed in interest and accessibility from the time that our first gym opened almost 25 years ago, and we’re extremely proud that our company has been a leader in the growth and success of the overall climbing industry in the region.”

LARY NORIN, CO-OWNER said,  “Our business has grown exponentially with the introduction of the sport into the SUMMER OLYMPICS last year and more people looking for activities and experiences they can share together. We are so proud to have over 150 team members providing a fun, active experience for all who climb at our facilities.”  Norin added,  “We look forward to bringing our successful brand of accessible, world class climbing and training to the state of Connecticut!”

About Rock Spot Climbing Group, Inc. 

Rock Spot Climbing, established in 1998, is a NORTHEAST corporation with SIX INDOOR CLIMBING GYMS providing an affordable and accessible climbing opportunity for all. This sixth location marks the fulfillment of one of the partnership’s dreams — to make the sport of climbing accessible to all ages, all abilities in states outside of Rhode Island & Massachusetts.