After a good cleaning, some fresh paint, carpet, some facility updates, and some staff training, we  reopened Prime Climb at 340 Quinnipiac St in Wallingford, on Monday, January 31, 2022!

We are confident that with the updates we’ve made to make the sport accessible, the community will be better served if we focus operations at our main facility. For that reason, we will not be reopening Mountain Fun in the annex building across the street.

We are excited to bring the entire community under a single roof so we can all grow and climb together.

Walk-ins are always welcome. No reservation is required. Masks are optional for all vaccinated individuals and we provide rental equipment and training so new climbers can get on our walls and climb in minutes.


We will honor all active memberships, punch pass users, gift cards, and we will credit all members for the week we were closed.

That said, with a brand new system, we will need to update all member data. This means that everyone will have to fill out a new waiver if they have never climbed at a Rock Spot Climbing location and all Electronic Billing Members (EBMs) will need to fill out a new contract for our records.

All EBMs will be LOCKED IN at their current rate through the end of the year.


Along with unlimited access to Prime Climb, current members now have access to FIVE (5) WORLD CLASS FACILITIES across RHODE ISLAND & BOSTON!


All Rock Spot Climbing members get access to exclusive member perks like three (3) discounted climbing passes every calendar month to allow friends & family to climb with them, a FREE BELAY CLASS for anyone who wants to learn, 15% OFF ALL RETAIL in the pro shop and special orders over $5, along with additional perks from local partners and deals on climbing trips and events!


Everyone will have to recertify their belay status so we will have extra staff in the gym to provide a recertification test at your convenience. Please make sure you and your climbing partner plan your first session accordingly to account for the time it takes for us to recertify all community members. Thank you for your patience through this process.


Our team has been hard at work to make facility updates & to train staff. There’s still plenty to do, but here’s what we’ve done so far!


Prime Climb will now be open EVERY DAY from 9AM until 11PM to make it easier to get in the gym for a session.


The gym looks so fresh with some elbow grease, a coat of paint, new carpets, and some simple updates to make the gym more welcoming, while recognizing the incredible legacy this location has for the growth of our sport in the region!


These autobelays from TruBlue make the sport accessible to new climbers, while also allowing everyone to get a solid workout whenever they want!

We’re starting off with five, but as we set new routes with fresh holds, we’ll continue adding more.


These are easily the most confortable rentals you’ve ever worn so if you haven’t had a chance to pick up your own gear or if you forget your gear for any reason, you can be sure you have a solid option waiting for you at the desk.


Speaking of gear, we’ve added quite a few options to the pro shop to cover all categories with even more retail on the way!

As always, we pride ourselves in training our staff to help you find the gear you need and if you’re a member, enjoy 15% OFF ALL GEAR OVER $5, INCLUDING SPECIAL ORDERS on anything we don’t carry on our shelves


All of our locations feature great community events and we’ve got an amazing shoe demo & retail sale on Wednesday, February 9 so get psyched to talk to the pros, find your perfect shoe, and get an incredible deal!


We’ve got a GIGANTIC ORDER OF BRAND NEW HOLDS on the way from the top hold brands in the industry so get ready for incredible, new climbs EVERY WEEK with a SOLID RESET SCHEDULE!

We’ve got big plans for some awesome training updates so get psyched for even more updates.


Speaking of psyche… We are commited to continuing to provide the best experience for our climbers while providing the space to allow the community to grow even more so get ready for us to grow our offerings in Connecticut and for more announcements on some big plans ahead!


To celebrate the reopening of Prime Climb as the newest addition to the Rock Spot Climbing family of climbing gyms, we’re offering these incredible specials to anyone paying the gym a visit in the month of February.

While the EBM special is exclusive to NEW MEMBERS, the 6 month pre-paid membership is available to current members looking to extend their membership if they’re willing to pay the new location a visit!

Thinking of visiting our locations across different states? Be sure to check local mask & vaccination requirements and mandates.

With access to locations across multiple states, we ask that all climbers please review local mask & vaccination requirements and mandates before planning a trip to a facility in a different state. Here’s a quick breakdown:


Per the City of Boston, proof of at least a single dose of vaccine is required for everyone over 12 years of age to enter our facilities and masks are required at all times for everyone.


Per the state of Rhode Island, proof of full vaccination is required by anyone who wants to be in the facility without a mask.


Per the state of Connecticut, all fully vaccinated climbers may climb without a mask with no proof required.