Its that time again…

Time to tear down all those problems you’ve either been working on or just plain avoiding. Either way, they’re coming down.

Half the boulder will be stripped on Wed (Feb 9th), with the other half coming down the following day (Feb 10th).

This is all in preparation for our Member Party that takes place on Friday Feb 11th.

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Ryan Cahill
(aka = RPC)

Age: 28
Climbing: 4 years
Hardest send???????  Full Throttle v7/8 i guess, who knows (felt pretty hard to me)
Favorite spot:  in my limited travels i would have to say Bishop, Ca.  Thailand awaits so we shall see!
Favorite Climb:  Last Call (Lincoln Woods)  Although there is Sheep Herder in Bishop which is my anti-style.  v2 highball slab.  Lots of fun
Projects:  Rump to Jump & Diesel.  2 totally different climbs, both a pain in my @$$

Mike Dominguez

(aka = Mig)

Born: 1977
Years Climbing: 21 (started climbing in the 80’s (1989)… took 5 years off from climbing between 1998 and 2003, so really only 16 years…but it still makes me an old man)

Favorite Place to rope up: Yosemite, CA

Favorite Bouldering Area: If I were to base it solely on the movement of the climbing I’d say Hueco Tanks. If I consider: the scenery (!!!), rest day activities (hot springs!!!), food (Schat’s Bakery), and the movement of the climbing… It’s Bishop, CA. No question. If you’ve been there, then you know. If you haven’t…you must HATE to boulder.

Setting Philosophy: I like to set routes & problems that have a smooth flow to them. My routes tend to be stiff for the grade…its intentional though. I want the climber to be fully prepared (physically) and comfortable (mentally) on a certain grade if they are to attack a similar grade outside.



70 new problems! Either that or we just changed the tape… Doesn’t change the fact that you should just come out to our Lincoln, RI location and CLIMB!!! (we really did reset the boulder, and not just the tape)


Our final renovation to our training area at our Lincoln, RI location.

Up next… our Boston, MA location.

Any suggestions?


Check out our newly re-designed training area in Lincoln!