97 Ridiculously-Fantastic new Boulder Problems for our Boston location!!!

And…a super-cool (improved – not new) bouldering brush for our Lincoln Gym!

Woo hoo!

100 New Boulder Problems!!!

After a very successful, accident free (thanks to our new flooring system) ABS Comp on Saturday and an awesome Black Light Party Saturday night, the setters and I came in on Monday to start filling in the blank spots and to see if we could hit out target goal of 100 new boulder problems…

Well its done…rather we are done. 100 new problems to enjoy for the next 7 weeks or so. The feedback on the problems has been excellent. Tons of people at the comp commented on how great they were. One competitor liked a problem so much he basically sessioned it the whole time!

Shout out to all the setters…you guys are awesome! Thanks!

Anyway…here is the breakdown by grade:

VB = 7

V0 = 10

V1 = 10

V2 = 10

V3 = 10

V4 = 10

V5 = 10

V6 = 10

V7 = 10

V8 = 7

V9 = 3

V10 = 3

Enjoy!!! And be sure to spot your fellow climber!


17 brand new lead routes for our Lincoln, RI gym!!!


Just a few shots of our super high-tech new vinyl floor at our Boston Gym!

Its been two weeks since it was installed (thanks for being so patient during the construction phase!) and so far we’ve received tons of (+) feedback.

Remember the two giant vinyl mats? The ones with the beveled edges? The new floor has a similar feel. Imagine the whole bouldering area as one big pad. No more individual mats to roll your ankles on. The overall feel is not too hard and not too soft. Goldie-locks would call it just right…

The top-rope area has also been upgraded (as well) with a vinyl cover to help protect the foam and carpet bonded foam underneath. The feel is more uniform and more stable. Best of all you won’t be tripping over the floor lumps anymore…you’re welcome…and thank you.

Now just because the floor is new and awesome, don’t get too fearless when climbing unroped (bouldering). We still highly recommend that you have a spotter (and spot others). Just remember to climb safely and follow the new rules posted throughout the gym.


70! New Boulder problems for Lincoln!!! They’re Great. They’re Rad. They’re Hard!!!

Ranging from VB – V10, there’s fun for the whole family. Come on out and try ‘em.

Quick thanks to the setters (Sean Robar, Matty Zane, Travis Rubury, Eric Rego, Chris Motta, and Luke Sivertson) and high five to the Sisson Family for bringing us coffee today!

Cheers – Mig

Lots of foam…staff member Eric in foreground for scale. Thanks to Kelsey, Nicole, Eric, and Mike for helping unload this mountain of softness. The fun begins this weekend…now back to setting.

My wife and I brought our niece Claire to Rock Spot (Lincoln) this morning.

She just turned three and loved it. Here are a few choice action shots!

Thanks to Kris and Brandon for making her feel comfortable right from the start.



I hope you like Tufas!!!
Don’t worry, they aren’t all for Peacedale. Two are going to the Lincoln Gym and one is going to Boston. Gotta keep things even. Otherwise we might have an uprising on our hands!

Uh oh…what’s in the box!?! About ¼ of our holds for the Peacedale Gym. 20 boxes. 80 lbs each. You do the math. That’s a lot of holds to move. And now to stray off the subject a bit…it’s very humid today. Very humid.

Shout out to Marc and the Sisson Family for bringing the Setters “the Coffee”. Much appreciated. We finished the setting today…70 quality boulder problems to have fun on…and I mean it! Have fun on them! And make sure you pad your landings well and spot your fellow climbers!