Just some holds (RockCandy) and a lazy Corgi (Simon)…getting psyched for Rock Spot South Boston (SOBO)!

82 (new) Ridiculous (awesome) boulder problems for our Boston gym!

Quantity of each grade…

VB = 6

V0 = 9

V1 = 8

V2 = 9

V3 = 6

V4 = 10

V5 = 9

V6 = 8

V7 = 7

V8 = 4

V9 = 3

V10 = 3

Enjoy the new problems and keep an eye out for…

“Problem of the Set – Episode 2!”



Showdown Competition! Friday, December 13, 2013

Come play on the new shapes! Win gear! Win Money! Win the adoration of all you defeat!

Visit for more info!

I hope you like Tufas!!!
Don’t worry, they aren’t all for Peacedale. Two are going to the Lincoln Gym and one is going to Boston. Gotta keep things even. Otherwise we might have an uprising on our hands!