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Climbing has always had a tradition of mentorship. Climbers have always taken the lead in passing on knowledge, techniques, and ethics from one generation to the next in the hopes that those who follow are inspired to be better leaders. Wisdom is born from taking our experiences, both good and especially bad, and learning from them. We hope these blog posts act as a jumping point for all climbers, new and experienced alike, to learn from our amazing community so that they may be inspired to be better leaders themselves.

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How Rock Climbing Can Improve Your Footwork For Other Sports Blog Header

Here’s a secret: the key to efficient climbing is good footwork, not muscular biceps or massive lats. Anyone looking in on the rock climbing world from the outside wouldn’t pick up the slight difference in foot placement that lets one climber send a boulder and another climber crashing to the pads. But every sport has […]

Slab Climbing Secrets Blog Header

If rock climbing is a dance on the wall, slab climbing is the Grand Ballet, requiring excellent technique, determination, and bravery. What defines slab climbing compared to other styles? A slab is a section of wall that is less steep than vertical. Because of the less aggressive wall angle, slab climbs often feature smaller or […]

5 Key Bouldering Techniques Every Beginner Should Know Blog Header

There are several vital bouldering techniques every beginner can benefit from. Climbing is not just a physical activity, it’s a thrilling journey of joy and self-discovery! It doesn’t matter how often or how hard you climb; it’s about relishing the movement and triumphing over physical and mental challenges.  Whether you’ve been climbing for a while […]

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